Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying to USA - 1

this is my first ever blog.. so i am gonna tell you people about my experiences while coming to the united states of America. it was such a special occasion, since this was the first time i am ever going out to another place, leaving my family, friends, home, city, country. also, it happened to be the first time i am travelling alone for long distance and that too on a aeroplane . it was the best moment i could ever experience till now, so many first time's involved in one incident. to list it all,
first time to live outside, go abroad, to fly on a plane, first person from family to go to USA, first time to Europe (since i had a transit in Brussels), first time spending so much money, first time to get a visa, first time to experience which i could never even imagine it happening.

dats enough for first times.. let me describe my experience on the day of my departure from Chennai. January 9, 2008. it was also my dad's 50Th birthday, he had successfully completed his half century. till that day, i never realised anything different about going to some new place away from everything i am familiar and to another place which is totally different and new to me.

that day from morning, i started to have chills about this whole idea of getting on a plane and travelling to another continent. all my relatives from the city and other places had come to my home to give me a send off. they were quite many, it was the first time i felt so important in my family, doing something special. i had made my parents proud...

my flight was at 1 am.. so that's technically next day morning. at night about 10 pm when we were about to leave home for airport, i went to restroom, there i got my moment alone and it felt so hard that i cried for first time about the fact that i was actually going to leave these people and be alone. it gave me such a scare that i thought of stopping this whole trip. but one thing that made me get back to my mind was the parting gift my cousins gave. it was such a surprise, i hadn't realised my cousins are so creative. it was a hand made calendar, which had all our childhood pics and a group photo which we had taken recently, i was so moved by this gift that it made me smile even though inside i was sad. there was this moment, i had never expected to happen, my dad took off his watch and gave it to me asking me to have it. it was special, since i have never seen my dad show any kind of direct affection, even though he loves me a lot. it was simply great, no words.

next stop, AIRPORT.. it was the first time i had come to an airport, i had no idea how it would be, but felt good as if i was going on a trip to moon. all my family about 25 ppl had come to send me off at the airport. i felt like a celebrity surrounded by many people. then, i went alone leaving my family into the checking area after all my family members gave their blessings and wishes to me.

i went through all the formal checking processes, nothing great to describe about it, but the walk to enter the aeroplane, priceless.. it was so good for me, no words to express it. it was as if i was going to reach something which i waited for long. till i reached my seat in the plane, i was in trance, once i got seated, my mind started working again. then what do i do.. check out the air hostess. :) i was in jet airways plane and they had some very good looking air hostesses, at least in my plane, as far as i know. i was lucky that i got a window seat in the plane, and my seat was right behind the wing. so i could see the entire span of the wing and places outside, now that i was settled in the seat, my usual curiosity woke up and started inspecting things around me. the TV screen, books, pillow, people sitting front and behind, even the restroom. :D. so, for a long time, no one occupied the seat next to me, so it started building my curiosity about the person who would come there, i expected a good looking girl who's travelling to my same university, at least the same place. so that i have a good time with her like, in unnale unnale movie. but nothing happened, it was another guy who sat beside me, darn curious imaginations, never come true.

so finally around 1.10 am.. we were asked to wear seat belts, the plane had started to move, its engines started, it look up speed in the runway and whee... as it took off into the air...


a baby starts writing...

hello everyone.. am chibi or chibi vijayan as a whole.. it can be shrunk as CB VJN.

am a master's student in university of connecticut, USA. doing my master's in a professional master's [PSM] program microbial systems analysis.

i would like to express my thoughts and views on the people and world around me.. ill try to make it as interesting as possible.

hope u people have a good time reading my blog.