Sunday, November 16, 2008

Addiction !!

i came across this fact from some site that states " every person in this world irrespective of what they are, have some kind of addiction which they cannot overcome" this holds true for everyone and those who do overcome their biggest addiction are like saints.

it also says, Addiction need not necessarily be materialistic or habitual, it can be something very much craved for, or something your subconscious mind cannot let go, sometimes addiction can be towards a person also.

so, i thought to myself. DO i have an Addiction ? answer is simple.. yes.. i have not one but many addictions, which i try to stop for a long time. 

i never get addicted to things people usually get addicted to.. like smoking, drinking etc.. my addiction is a similar kind.. its called the Coffee.. I am so damn addicted to it. no matter, how much i try to stop, it doesn't work at all, to be specific, i am addicted to coffee smell. i just adore that smell too much, that if u have a perfume with coffee scent in it. i would be yours forever.

the mere thought of the smell would make me want a coffee, it doesn't matter what time or where i am, i just need to drink a cup of coffee. and i don't care, how the coffee tastes as long as the smell and color is good. its more like a elixir for me. it necessarily doesn't make me brisk or active after it. i just drink it for sake of my pleasure. 

so recently, i tried to stop it, again. this time i am bit successful, not in stopping it. but reduction of the number of times i have coffee in a day. what i did was, when ever i wanted to drink coffee, i got myself a hot chocolate. so i would drink it instead of coffee. it went on good..

but unfortunately, i got Addicted to the Hot Chocolate now..