Monday, August 18, 2008

FUN da "men" tal theories !!!

Hi ppl.. am back with my new theory, this is about the common trait everyone would definitely have, its handwriting, but whats so special about it that i write a theory about it ?? well, here's it..

Theory 3 : BAD handwriting = famous personality ???

" a person with bad handwriting may be destined to be a famous personality in making"

this theory as said before, applies only to males, since females usually have a neat and curvy handwriting.

why did i come up with this theory ?
i did this research on great personalities throughout history in various fields and their hand writings, and guess what.. all these great personalities had one common thing about their hand writing, it was bad, not legible or worse like a scribbling. this handwriting trait is worldwide,

here are few samples
1.Albert Einstein , renowned scientist and a great genius ever existed..

2. Bill Gates , the richest man alive, founder of Microsoft.

3. Mahatma Gandhi, father of Indian nation, non violence activist

4. Adolf Hitler , a terror during WW2, Germany,

5.Beethoven, musical genius

See.. no matter if they are good, evil, science or celebrity, their handwriting is bad, not even legible, even though i have shown only a few samples ( due to space management !!!) almost all the hand writings of the famous celebrities i could think of.. showed the same trait.. for example,
Isaac newton, Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sachin Tendulkar, john Lennon. but there were exceptions such as Thomas Alva Edison and Leonardo da vinci who had very good and neat handwriting.
so i came to this conclusion, may be people out there with bad handwriting.. might in future become a famous personality. who knows.. so guys don't worry if u had a bad handwriting, cheer up, u might become someone like the above people..
why i wrote this post in first place... coz i am also a guy with a really bad handwriting.. !!! LOLZ..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LUCK !!!

"hey, that's so lucky !!"

"Best of luck !"

"You are so lucky for me.."

"all cos of this bad luck"

these are few kinda phrases we use mostly in our day to day lives.. so y is luck a very important thing in our life? cant anyone just live without depending on luck, or does a person really require luck to change something desirable or undesirable.
of course, all humans take luck really seriously. people don't want to mess up their luck by doing something.
luck is viewed in many different ways in various places in the world,for example,
in India, a black cat crossing your path or lizard falling on you is assumed to bring bad luck
in Europe and USA, breaking a mirror or number 13 is bad luck.
in Africa, pouring hot water on ground or answering a call during night can bring you bad luck. (weird!)

and also there are many things which are associated with good luck, some materials and even persons are supposed to bring good luck to people. but are these good lucks and bad lucks truly exist? or all these superstitions and perceptions of our mind.

well, logically thinking about it, its all in our mind. our mind takes up things which please us as good luck and those which don't, end up in bad luck. so its just a segregation of things around us by our mind which creates this whole illusion of luck.
but definitely our minds are capable of changing its point of view, but it doesn't want to, so the bad luck things are more than good luck ones.. in fact, certain people earn a lot using the concept of luck.
so i would like to upset all of you concluding that there is no such thing called LUCK in this world. it all depends on you and Ur mind set.
break it all and things will change.

well, what do i think about my luck.. " i consider myself very lucky"..

TRY it YOURSELF : take a material which you think would bring you bad luck and set it in your mind that it will bring you good luck, and try some activity to test it. it will work for sure, you can even see how great the human mind is..

Feedback to me after u test it. and also leave your valuable comments below