Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Google it..!!!

the title exactly tells what am going to blog about this time. its the famous search engine/web giant "google". so everyone knows many things about google. whats special that i am going to tell about it.? nothing much different, i am also not an exception in using google for my search/ research purposes. but how much has google changed the whole idea of searching.. well.. most  people now don't say "search for it" instead, its just "google it". so that's how it is. well, its up to its standard, sometime its way beyond it, you can type any word that comes to your mind, and you get At least 1 result matching to it. i did try it with many words, and seriously i did get results for all of them. sometimes, what ever you type, leads to some result. even tried typing my name, and vola! i get results for about 10 pages, for me, who hasn't done much achievements so far and not even a tiny star.so, i wonder there's so much information or crap on net. well, talking to people about google and its use, its so much used that people usually don't even think about things. they just google it, to get answers. so even working of the brain is limited cos of google. so if this is the case, imagine about future generations. they would get dumber, not of thinking even for small things. so people try to use your brain for thinking more than searching in google. atleast something that comes to the top of your head immediately would help much better than simply sitting online and searching everything.. even brain needs some exercise. 

before ending.. many people say God gives us answers for things we don't know, in that case Google is the modern God.

so next time u need answers.. just google it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Questions and Answers !!!

I am working as a TA this semester in my university. TA basically is an abbreviation for Teaching Assistant, which means i take classes for Undergrad students. I am taking lab course called Bio 1107 for 1st year students here. first i thought it would be a tough time teaching. coz i am no expert in teaching students. i kind of began as a amateur, still am not a pro. but definitely i have improved, and have done a good job so far in this semester.

i now know how tough teachers might have felt about teaching students, even though i find it quite easy, i pity the teachers, who taught me and my classes earlier in school and college. i am lucky that i didn't end up in situations like that. my students are very friendly and also same with me, i am good to them. the lab goes on for 3 hrs and its quite good and fun to teach the students as its a diverse class and attention is to be given to each student in a good way.

you go into the lab assuming that the student knows little about the subject and you teach them the concepts, but sometimes it gets a little tricky, when students ask some questions, which you wouldn't expect with the context of the topic that day. and its awkward sometimes with some questions, whether to answer them or change the topic.

its quite interesting till now, ill keep updating if anything worth mentioning happens in the lab..