Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ballroom Dancing !!!

Yesterday, later afternoon, i got a mail from a friend about ballroom dance classes in my campus. I thought it would be quite interesting since i have seen ballroom dancing in many Hollywood movies. so i thought i should give it a try, visit the dance class. when i first entered the big hall in my student union, obviously called the Ballroom. there were plenty of people wandering around inside the room, i was surprised to see these many people, and i thought how can they teach a dance to these many people in a single time. we were first made to stand in a line with boys facing girls and in between us was the instructor teaching us. after a series of steps in a dance style called "Waltz". he asked everyone to find a pair to dance with, and of course it was to be danced with a girl. so i searched for a good looking one to start with, my first pair was an Asian girl from china. she was too short but still was a good dancer. we both managed to dance well, without stamping on each other's foot or falling on someone else, coz many people around us were doing these things. then, after a song we were asked to change partners. then, again my search began and i found a American girl. she was a freshmen (first yr UG in US is called freshmen), she also was a good dancer, though we made some mistakes while dancing. we were talking during the dance and it was good, when asked to change partner i didn't want to.. but had to.. then it went on like that as class proceeded with different steps, different songs, different partners, etc.. and i managed to learn the basics as well as dance with all the girls i wanted to dance with.. it was a good 2 hr class, and at the end of session, i joined the classes and so now I'd be learning this dance for this whole semester, every week a class, i am looking forward to learn the dance and also dance with different girls next time too.. more about this dancing in future, may be with pics too.