Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evolution !

It was in year 1859 that Charles Darwin, published his book "origin of species" in which he wrote about the on going change in the organisms in earth in their physical and mental forms, and called it "Evolution", and 2009 marks the 150Th anniversary of his this Darwinian theory. 

According to his theory, Man evolved from his ancestors the apes, who evolved from monkeys respectively. the early humans then evolved from a tree to a cave, then home, wheel, agriculture, industries. computers, cell phones, GPS, artificial intelligence, biotechnology etc... so at present we humans call ourselves the modern, that's an understatement, we are Ultra modern humans. 

So, if the humans came so far evolving greater extents in short time. whats the next step in human evolution? 

here's my view. There are two possibilities of humans from now... either a super human or a inferior human.

a super human, would possess a higher evolved brain, Superior intelligent, would create any sort of technology for his use, probably also would give himself superpowers, like cellular regeneration, telekinesis, mind reading, etc... as shown in many movies and TV shows nowadays.
also, might try to migrate out of earth and move into moon or mars.

the second variant would be the opposite of the superhuman, a inferior kind, like reversing the evolution process. a dumb, useless brain, lazy enough to think for himself on what to do, except food and water. would probably live with commands from things he created like robots and computers which would become superior lifeforms by then. 

it is highly possible that humans would turn into either of these variants as a result of evolution. because, it is highly unlikely that any other living species in this earth would take over the power from humans, unless, something mutated like Godzilla (that too only if millions of them show up)
takes over. then comes case of aliens. there's a possibility, but in mean time, the humans would convince the aliens that earth is not fit enough to be taken over, instead conquer aliens with use of our so called economy !

this post of mine is completely a imaginative evolution pattern of humans. anything could go right or wrong, and who knows in another 50 years or so, my grand children might have super human powers or be the dumbest forms ever.

its better to wait, than to buy the future.