Sunday, June 27, 2010

New York – London – Kuwait – Chennai

I travelled about 18 hours in flight from New York to Chennai and back to New York in this past one month. Here are the few interesting things I experienced and observed in the flights and airports.

1. The JFK international airport is huge and is an architectural masterpiece by the Americans. The terminals are built with less materials and efficient energy saving methods are used. Lots of sunlight and air circulation but the whole complex is a mere skeleton of metal, with glass and fiber.

2. The restrooms in JFK airport - a cool innovation with the men’s room. The men’s room urinals have a black spot on them; the spot is a picture of a fly which seems like a real fly is sitting on the urinal. So men try to target the fly to shoo it away from the place. It’s a natural instinct for men. It’s a very innovative idea as it prevents spillage of urine outside the urinal and also saves water.

3. Yes, this is a power driven world, I saw people searching for power in the terminals of the airport. Yes, by power I mean electricity. There were no plug points to be seen anywhere on the seating areas and people did everything to find one and charge their phones or laptops. A girl decided to sit on the floor right next to a janitor’s closet to charge her laptop as it had a power point next to it. A man had his laptop charging from a cell phone charging point from a distance away and had many people almost trip over by his charger wire. I am no exception as I stood with my phone in the cell phone charging point.

4. American vs. British English. Of course, there’s an ocean of difference between the two accents, but I observed the airport staff’s speaking their respective accents and found Americans to be super laidback and cool while the British were majestic and strict. Just by their accented English, the British officials looked commanding and little bit scary.

5. Arab sheikh! My flight from London to Kuwait had this interesting incident. An Arab sheikh and his wife had boarded the plane in London; they were in their traditional costumes and did not speak English. They sat in the seat in front of us, but funny thing was it was another couple’s seats. No matter what the airhostess would explain, the sheikh never budged to get up from that seat and move to his own. It even lead to the Command officer from airport to come and confront him and threatened him to be debarked, but all in vain. Sheikh did not shake for anything.

6. Tamil flight! The flight from Kuwait to Chennai had this awesomeness to it. Almost every passenger on the flight was a tamilian. Even the air stewards spoke Tamil, never did I imagine I would see such a sight, it bought me into Chennai even before my flight took off from Kuwait.

7. My return flight was at 5.50 am morning. Pretty odd time since I had to reach airport at 3am. The wait at the gate was very boring, so I started messaging all my friends. Luckily one was awake at 4 am and helped me out of boredom by talking to me for a long time. Thanks to that Friend.

8. there was a very interesting coincidence in the flight, in the 3 seats of my row, the person sitting on my right was named shiba, and the person on my left was named shibu, with me being Chibi. Our names differed just by a letter pronunciation. Oddly interesting.

9. American kids and Indian kids. There were lots of kids in my flight from Kuwait to New York via London, for some reason, kids don’t sleep at all in flights. I had a couple of American kids before me and an Indian kid behind my seat. Interesting thing I observed was the American kid was like a tamed and trained dog, did his parents said and was really obedient and mostly silent; the Indian kid was notoriously loud and kept talking like there was a competition going on. During the flight taxi in London, the American parent kept educating their kid about the aircrafts, different airlines, their tail pics, how plane takes off n stuff... while the kid listened. On the other hand, the Indian kid had tons of questions to her dad, she kept asking him, how does plane fly, why can’t cars fly, why is the tire of plane so small, why does it have a tail, why is the driver of plane called a pilot instead of plane driver. Etc… the dad didn’t have the patience or the time to answer his little one as she fired a lot of questions. So which of the kids is Smarter? Indian or American?

10. The Football world cup fever is in the air too. I heard pilot announcements made updating the ongoing USA- Ghana game during the flight. Sadly, USA lost the game during extra time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twenty Three facts about ME !!!


its my 23rd Birthday on 9Th of February, 2009. so i thought I'd give myself a gift by writing 23 facts about Me.

so here's it.

1.       I was born on 9Th of February, 1986. This is also the day of perihelion of the Halley’s Comet, which visits the earth once in 76 years.

2.       I am an Aquarian by sun sign, and also Aquarian by moon sign. This is quite weird. Well... I can say am a true Aquarian.

3.       My name CHIBI is quite different and unforgettable. It’s supposed to be the name of a king, who was so generous to give away his flesh to save a dove from a vulture. I also found that in Japanese my name means a “little kid”.

4.       Talking about generosity, I am very generous as that king. I can give away anything of my possession unless I really really want it for myself.

5.       I am a Left hander. This was quite unique till I was in India…

6.       I am born and brought up in the city of Chennai, India and am really proud of it.

7.       I believe in GOD but not religion, according to me, GOD is energy which was given a human form by mankind and since man created religion, I don’t believe in it.

8.       I am a very creative person, who thinks very much out of the box that I forget to look into what’s inside it.

9.       I am a social person. I like to make friends and in fact I have friends all around the world in all kinds of ethnicity, but it’s more of quantity than quality, that’s not good.

10.   I am a complete Non – Vegetarian and am open to exploring new types of food as long as it’s edible.

11.   I love music. I have an ear for any type of music of any genre. I even like listening to songs from other languages which I don’t know, when the music is good.

12.   I know 3 languages fluently and 5 other Indian languages which I can understand, but cannot speak and I am also trying to learn few international languages.

13.   I am a big time coffee addict. I can drink coffee at any given point of the day and caffeine doesn’t have any effect on me. Coz I can even sleep after drinking coffee.

14.   I have a problem of answering back to anything and everything asked to me, it’s become a part of my reflex and I hate it.

15.   I love writing. I write short stories ( and Blogs (

16.   I like photography and photo manipulation. So, I take photos of anything and everything I find interesting.

17.   I love to travel and adventure. I have visited almost every tourist place in India.  Although I have been in US for a year, haven’t been able to travel much.

18.   I am like watching movies and I watched 650+ movies in 6 languages over a period of 4 months from June to Sept 2007.

19.   I am very good at spontaneous poetry but mostly never write it down, so many of my good ones were lost with the words.

20.   I used to be a big time flirt but somehow I’ve lost it in past 2 years. Don’t know what happened to me. But I am still supposed to be very romantic.

21.   I did my under graduation in Industrial Biotechnology and now master’s in microbiology. But still in confusion if I did the right choice.

22.   I actually have a very big dream of starting my own business by 25 and a billionaire by 30. I know it’s a very huge task in short time. Let’s see.

23.   Coming to the end… I am 23 years old… should I be worrying about it?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evolution !

It was in year 1859 that Charles Darwin, published his book "origin of species" in which he wrote about the on going change in the organisms in earth in their physical and mental forms, and called it "Evolution", and 2009 marks the 150Th anniversary of his this Darwinian theory. 

According to his theory, Man evolved from his ancestors the apes, who evolved from monkeys respectively. the early humans then evolved from a tree to a cave, then home, wheel, agriculture, industries. computers, cell phones, GPS, artificial intelligence, biotechnology etc... so at present we humans call ourselves the modern, that's an understatement, we are Ultra modern humans. 

So, if the humans came so far evolving greater extents in short time. whats the next step in human evolution? 

here's my view. There are two possibilities of humans from now... either a super human or a inferior human.

a super human, would possess a higher evolved brain, Superior intelligent, would create any sort of technology for his use, probably also would give himself superpowers, like cellular regeneration, telekinesis, mind reading, etc... as shown in many movies and TV shows nowadays.
also, might try to migrate out of earth and move into moon or mars.

the second variant would be the opposite of the superhuman, a inferior kind, like reversing the evolution process. a dumb, useless brain, lazy enough to think for himself on what to do, except food and water. would probably live with commands from things he created like robots and computers which would become superior lifeforms by then. 

it is highly possible that humans would turn into either of these variants as a result of evolution. because, it is highly unlikely that any other living species in this earth would take over the power from humans, unless, something mutated like Godzilla (that too only if millions of them show up)
takes over. then comes case of aliens. there's a possibility, but in mean time, the humans would convince the aliens that earth is not fit enough to be taken over, instead conquer aliens with use of our so called economy !

this post of mine is completely a imaginative evolution pattern of humans. anything could go right or wrong, and who knows in another 50 years or so, my grand children might have super human powers or be the dumbest forms ever.

its better to wait, than to buy the future.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Writer in the making !


adding to this experience of writing blogs.  i have started writing short stories. its a whole new area of writing and a great experience, to put forward my creativity and experiences in another form. 
i have just started, it might take some time for my stories to get perfection, but i would require support from you friends to read them. so that i get inspiration to write more.

i have written two stories now. one on current affairs and another with a real life incident.

here's the link for the short stories.

thanks in advance for reading them.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Addiction !!

i came across this fact from some site that states " every person in this world irrespective of what they are, have some kind of addiction which they cannot overcome" this holds true for everyone and those who do overcome their biggest addiction are like saints.

it also says, Addiction need not necessarily be materialistic or habitual, it can be something very much craved for, or something your subconscious mind cannot let go, sometimes addiction can be towards a person also.

so, i thought to myself. DO i have an Addiction ? answer is simple.. yes.. i have not one but many addictions, which i try to stop for a long time. 

i never get addicted to things people usually get addicted to.. like smoking, drinking etc.. my addiction is a similar kind.. its called the Coffee.. I am so damn addicted to it. no matter, how much i try to stop, it doesn't work at all, to be specific, i am addicted to coffee smell. i just adore that smell too much, that if u have a perfume with coffee scent in it. i would be yours forever.

the mere thought of the smell would make me want a coffee, it doesn't matter what time or where i am, i just need to drink a cup of coffee. and i don't care, how the coffee tastes as long as the smell and color is good. its more like a elixir for me. it necessarily doesn't make me brisk or active after it. i just drink it for sake of my pleasure. 

so recently, i tried to stop it, again. this time i am bit successful, not in stopping it. but reduction of the number of times i have coffee in a day. what i did was, when ever i wanted to drink coffee, i got myself a hot chocolate. so i would drink it instead of coffee. it went on good..

but unfortunately, i got Addicted to the Hot Chocolate now..