Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The title sounds quite catchy rite.. it is. and it also states a important purpose too. the reason for a need of a superhero in this world right now... well in recent years, the world isn't safe anymore, many terrorist attacks, wars, bomb blasts, killings and all kinds of genocidal and homicidal activities, and this isn't going to change anytime soon, my guess is it will never change and may get worse in coming years due to the political games between countries.
In reference with recent terror attacks in India and a series of superhero movies in Hollywood. this made me think..

May be this world needs a superhero for real. may be a caped crusader or an alien guy who's the superman or even a webslinger. anyone would do, hulk, iron man, even latest Hancock. but this world definitely needs one (or many) to protect it from these dangers from all these attacks and loss of life.
but is it really possible to get a super hero??

Well, Scientifically, we aren't so advanced to create fantasy mutations and advancements like X-Men, spidey and hulk. so its not possible to such a superhero with DNA mix ups..

May be an alien who might land in earth and save the world? but if that alien is coming to earth to save it, then what about his planet. wont he want to save it first, and also we humans would definitely want to research on him rather than let him save the world.

Can gadgets like in batman and iron man save us. this is a very possible stuff. but a good reason, why we shouldn't go for it, is that u'll never know who gets the gadgets first, the good guys or the bad guys. what if the bad guys get it first.. we are doomed rite.

So do i conclude that there's no hope of saving the world? well.. not quite.. i still have a point.

Do we really need supernatural powers and weapons to save the world.. well i would say a big NO!!!..

everyone of us is a superhero,what job does a superhero do.. save the world rite..
what if we can save the world in our little way possible. how do we do it. first, we have to get rid of the selfish attitude,care for even your worst enemy, no vengeance for whatever they might have done for you. help the needy and give assistance for those who deserve it. be non violent as much as possible. most of all LOVE ALL.. HATE NONE !!! P.S. care for the environment and our fellow residents of the planet a.k.a organisms other than humans.

does the above things work? well.. it cant work at once. every single person should adopt these things and do the best he/she can do around them. this small change by every single person would in turn result in a larger change. just like the saying " small drops make a big ocean".
if we all could change, may be not all together, but gradually, in slow pace at least. so that even if the world is in terminal danger. we can prolong the consequences and make the world a better place for our future generations to expect for...

The SUPER HERO in each of you is definitely needed !!

NOTE : a fun thing to do... visit the interesting site i found online and find out which superhero you might be.. at www.thesuperheroquiz.com ( P.S.i found this from Google search)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Crazy Desire.. (wild too!!!)

Desire : to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request

Crazy : senseless; impractical; totally unsound.

the above two definitions clearly state about what i am going to post about now.
but it doesn't refrain me from trying for it, since this desire is something important to my future.
what that desire is.. well.. its about my future life partner a.k.a. Wife.

well, what can be so crazy thinking about your future wife. everyone has a desire about their life partner, whats going to be different in my case.

well, the whole desire can be summarized with the word "difference".

OK, let me explain it.
i want a girl who's totally opposite and different than me in every aspect. which means she has to be different in the following :

food habits
zodiac sign.
horoscope matches ( if i am gonna look for those!!)
Profession ( it actually doesn't matter as long as she's economically independent)

the list might be even bigger, but i am not including country, since i prefer Indian for that matter, because i am not jumping countries :) . but i guess, this itself would seem crazy for some of you. but still, a perfect match with all this aspects, PRICELESS. because i have my reasons for it. the reasons are perfectly logical and meaningful.

so i didn't tell any information about me rite.. well am 22 yrs, christian, Tamil speaking, non vegetarian, Aquarian from Chennai, Tamil nadu. i am pretty broad minded and humorous. versatile and can easily learn and adapt to new situations, smart and good looking too ( my photo is by the side in profile) and am into field of biotechnology (currently in masters).

i still have some 3 years before i actually think of getting married, but i have to start searching now to get someone very special rite. so only i ve started my search thro my blog so it reaches the whole wide world.

so GIRLS who are reading my blog, if you are interested. leave your comments below or send a mail to me.
and Guys , if u know any girls who might be good in those aspects. refer them to my blog.

thank you. comments accepted..

Monday, July 14, 2008

FUN da "men" tal THEORIES !!

Hi folks,

this is an interesting content i wished i had written a long time back. Its one of my specialities, but still didn't think of writing it until one of my friends told me to..

I am good at making up theories about things around me, just for fun and humour, but sometimes these theories turn out to be real facts. so people started liking this stuff and i created many theories.

so, i thought of sharing some of these fun stuff with the world, so here it goes...

CAUTION or DISCLAIMER (whatever!!)

the following statements are purely coincidental and may or may not be true. so people dont go and file case against me in case u find it in anyway hurts you, especially females.
i apologize prior, in case anything bad gets written !!

and it applies to Guys, men, boys etc.. ONLY !!


"Most Girls above the age of 21 are committed or worse married"

this is my most proved theory so far,it was created by me seeing plight of all my single friends
( males only!!) including me !! and i also did some research on it and it seems almost true worldwide.
but there are exceptions, which fall into 2 categories,

girls above 21, who are not committed are either

A. can never be committed or B. those who don't want to get committed.

as far as Case A goes. its bit sensitive. since am talking about the ones based on appearance and bad character. this case is purely a male brain work. females forgive me !!

but for case B, guys you cant help it. those girls are some tough nut to crack. they just wont fall in love easily, and you would have to be really true and confident in your love to get them reciprocate it, in case they do. your worth it man !!

so all single guys out there, am sorry to say this, but most girls are already taken , and this 21 is just a figurative age since 21 is adulthood. but nowadays things are changing and may be the age might lower down to 18 or even 15 !!

Anyways, All the Best.. all single males out there (unless you're gay!) Go get your girl !

P.S. Here's a good tip, try out to see if this theory is true or not. just look around the girls you know and count the girls who aren't committed. it should be less.


" Girls seldom accept the fact that they are committed"

OK.. this is another almost true theory, a popular one too.

In my above theory i had said most girls are committed. but do most girls accept it. NO.. they surely wont, unless you know her boyfriend also. this is something weird. coz, girls are supposed to be conservative on the relationship aspect. but during my small research i did regarding this theory, i found that none of the girls accepted that they were committed.

the Reasons given by them for the above fact

1. they aren't sure where the relation is going, so being precautious.
2. unnecessary information to be told out. (weird, wouldn't it prevent guys from falling for them uselessly )
3. for sake of attention, coz a committed girl may be avoided by guys as another guy's property.
4. some girls think unless they are sure that they would get married with the guy its not commitment, so they pretend to be single, being in a relation !!

i am sure all the girls wouldn't accept the above theory, but they would definitely do the same when it comes to practical situations !!

so beware guys, make sure the girl isn't committed before you fall for her !!

P.S. check out this too.. try asking girls you know about their relation status, ( but don't act stupid , asking the girls whose relation status is already known to you !)