Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Writer in the making !


adding to this experience of writing blogs.  i have started writing short stories. its a whole new area of writing and a great experience, to put forward my creativity and experiences in another form. 
i have just started, it might take some time for my stories to get perfection, but i would require support from you friends to read them. so that i get inspiration to write more.

i have written two stories now. one on current affairs and another with a real life incident.

here's the link for the short stories.

thanks in advance for reading them.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Addiction !!

i came across this fact from some site that states " every person in this world irrespective of what they are, have some kind of addiction which they cannot overcome" this holds true for everyone and those who do overcome their biggest addiction are like saints.

it also says, Addiction need not necessarily be materialistic or habitual, it can be something very much craved for, or something your subconscious mind cannot let go, sometimes addiction can be towards a person also.

so, i thought to myself. DO i have an Addiction ? answer is simple.. yes.. i have not one but many addictions, which i try to stop for a long time. 

i never get addicted to things people usually get addicted to.. like smoking, drinking etc.. my addiction is a similar kind.. its called the Coffee.. I am so damn addicted to it. no matter, how much i try to stop, it doesn't work at all, to be specific, i am addicted to coffee smell. i just adore that smell too much, that if u have a perfume with coffee scent in it. i would be yours forever.

the mere thought of the smell would make me want a coffee, it doesn't matter what time or where i am, i just need to drink a cup of coffee. and i don't care, how the coffee tastes as long as the smell and color is good. its more like a elixir for me. it necessarily doesn't make me brisk or active after it. i just drink it for sake of my pleasure. 

so recently, i tried to stop it, again. this time i am bit successful, not in stopping it. but reduction of the number of times i have coffee in a day. what i did was, when ever i wanted to drink coffee, i got myself a hot chocolate. so i would drink it instead of coffee. it went on good..

but unfortunately, i got Addicted to the Hot Chocolate now.. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Google it..!!!

the title exactly tells what am going to blog about this time. its the famous search engine/web giant "google". so everyone knows many things about google. whats special that i am going to tell about it.? nothing much different, i am also not an exception in using google for my search/ research purposes. but how much has google changed the whole idea of searching.. well.. most  people now don't say "search for it" instead, its just "google it". so that's how it is. well, its up to its standard, sometime its way beyond it, you can type any word that comes to your mind, and you get At least 1 result matching to it. i did try it with many words, and seriously i did get results for all of them. sometimes, what ever you type, leads to some result. even tried typing my name, and vola! i get results for about 10 pages, for me, who hasn't done much achievements so far and not even a tiny, i wonder there's so much information or crap on net. well, talking to people about google and its use, its so much used that people usually don't even think about things. they just google it, to get answers. so even working of the brain is limited cos of google. so if this is the case, imagine about future generations. they would get dumber, not of thinking even for small things. so people try to use your brain for thinking more than searching in google. atleast something that comes to the top of your head immediately would help much better than simply sitting online and searching everything.. even brain needs some exercise. 

before ending.. many people say God gives us answers for things we don't know, in that case Google is the modern God.

so next time u need answers.. just google it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Questions and Answers !!!

I am working as a TA this semester in my university. TA basically is an abbreviation for Teaching Assistant, which means i take classes for Undergrad students. I am taking lab course called Bio 1107 for 1st year students here. first i thought it would be a tough time teaching. coz i am no expert in teaching students. i kind of began as a amateur, still am not a pro. but definitely i have improved, and have done a good job so far in this semester.

i now know how tough teachers might have felt about teaching students, even though i find it quite easy, i pity the teachers, who taught me and my classes earlier in school and college. i am lucky that i didn't end up in situations like that. my students are very friendly and also same with me, i am good to them. the lab goes on for 3 hrs and its quite good and fun to teach the students as its a diverse class and attention is to be given to each student in a good way.

you go into the lab assuming that the student knows little about the subject and you teach them the concepts, but sometimes it gets a little tricky, when students ask some questions, which you wouldn't expect with the context of the topic that day. and its awkward sometimes with some questions, whether to answer them or change the topic.

its quite interesting till now, ill keep updating if anything worth mentioning happens in the lab..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ballroom Dancing !!!

Yesterday, later afternoon, i got a mail from a friend about ballroom dance classes in my campus. I thought it would be quite interesting since i have seen ballroom dancing in many Hollywood movies. so i thought i should give it a try, visit the dance class. when i first entered the big hall in my student union, obviously called the Ballroom. there were plenty of people wandering around inside the room, i was surprised to see these many people, and i thought how can they teach a dance to these many people in a single time. we were first made to stand in a line with boys facing girls and in between us was the instructor teaching us. after a series of steps in a dance style called "Waltz". he asked everyone to find a pair to dance with, and of course it was to be danced with a girl. so i searched for a good looking one to start with, my first pair was an Asian girl from china. she was too short but still was a good dancer. we both managed to dance well, without stamping on each other's foot or falling on someone else, coz many people around us were doing these things. then, after a song we were asked to change partners. then, again my search began and i found a American girl. she was a freshmen (first yr UG in US is called freshmen), she also was a good dancer, though we made some mistakes while dancing. we were talking during the dance and it was good, when asked to change partner i didn't want to.. but had to.. then it went on like that as class proceeded with different steps, different songs, different partners, etc.. and i managed to learn the basics as well as dance with all the girls i wanted to dance with.. it was a good 2 hr class, and at the end of session, i joined the classes and so now I'd be learning this dance for this whole semester, every week a class, i am looking forward to learn the dance and also dance with different girls next time too.. more about this dancing in future, may be with pics too.

Monday, August 18, 2008

FUN da "men" tal theories !!!

Hi ppl.. am back with my new theory, this is about the common trait everyone would definitely have, its handwriting, but whats so special about it that i write a theory about it ?? well, here's it..

Theory 3 : BAD handwriting = famous personality ???

" a person with bad handwriting may be destined to be a famous personality in making"

this theory as said before, applies only to males, since females usually have a neat and curvy handwriting.

why did i come up with this theory ?
i did this research on great personalities throughout history in various fields and their hand writings, and guess what.. all these great personalities had one common thing about their hand writing, it was bad, not legible or worse like a scribbling. this handwriting trait is worldwide,

here are few samples
1.Albert Einstein , renowned scientist and a great genius ever existed..

2. Bill Gates , the richest man alive, founder of Microsoft.

3. Mahatma Gandhi, father of Indian nation, non violence activist

4. Adolf Hitler , a terror during WW2, Germany,

5.Beethoven, musical genius

See.. no matter if they are good, evil, science or celebrity, their handwriting is bad, not even legible, even though i have shown only a few samples ( due to space management !!!) almost all the hand writings of the famous celebrities i could think of.. showed the same trait.. for example,
Isaac newton, Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sachin Tendulkar, john Lennon. but there were exceptions such as Thomas Alva Edison and Leonardo da vinci who had very good and neat handwriting.
so i came to this conclusion, may be people out there with bad handwriting.. might in future become a famous personality. who knows.. so guys don't worry if u had a bad handwriting, cheer up, u might become someone like the above people..
why i wrote this post in first place... coz i am also a guy with a really bad handwriting.. !!! LOLZ..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LUCK !!!

"hey, that's so lucky !!"

"Best of luck !"

"You are so lucky for me.."

"all cos of this bad luck"

these are few kinda phrases we use mostly in our day to day lives.. so y is luck a very important thing in our life? cant anyone just live without depending on luck, or does a person really require luck to change something desirable or undesirable.
of course, all humans take luck really seriously. people don't want to mess up their luck by doing something.
luck is viewed in many different ways in various places in the world,for example,
in India, a black cat crossing your path or lizard falling on you is assumed to bring bad luck
in Europe and USA, breaking a mirror or number 13 is bad luck.
in Africa, pouring hot water on ground or answering a call during night can bring you bad luck. (weird!)

and also there are many things which are associated with good luck, some materials and even persons are supposed to bring good luck to people. but are these good lucks and bad lucks truly exist? or all these superstitions and perceptions of our mind.

well, logically thinking about it, its all in our mind. our mind takes up things which please us as good luck and those which don't, end up in bad luck. so its just a segregation of things around us by our mind which creates this whole illusion of luck.
but definitely our minds are capable of changing its point of view, but it doesn't want to, so the bad luck things are more than good luck ones.. in fact, certain people earn a lot using the concept of luck.
so i would like to upset all of you concluding that there is no such thing called LUCK in this world. it all depends on you and Ur mind set.
break it all and things will change.

well, what do i think about my luck.. " i consider myself very lucky"..

TRY it YOURSELF : take a material which you think would bring you bad luck and set it in your mind that it will bring you good luck, and try some activity to test it. it will work for sure, you can even see how great the human mind is..

Feedback to me after u test it. and also leave your valuable comments below

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The title sounds quite catchy rite.. it is. and it also states a important purpose too. the reason for a need of a superhero in this world right now... well in recent years, the world isn't safe anymore, many terrorist attacks, wars, bomb blasts, killings and all kinds of genocidal and homicidal activities, and this isn't going to change anytime soon, my guess is it will never change and may get worse in coming years due to the political games between countries.
In reference with recent terror attacks in India and a series of superhero movies in Hollywood. this made me think..

May be this world needs a superhero for real. may be a caped crusader or an alien guy who's the superman or even a webslinger. anyone would do, hulk, iron man, even latest Hancock. but this world definitely needs one (or many) to protect it from these dangers from all these attacks and loss of life.
but is it really possible to get a super hero??

Well, Scientifically, we aren't so advanced to create fantasy mutations and advancements like X-Men, spidey and hulk. so its not possible to such a superhero with DNA mix ups..

May be an alien who might land in earth and save the world? but if that alien is coming to earth to save it, then what about his planet. wont he want to save it first, and also we humans would definitely want to research on him rather than let him save the world.

Can gadgets like in batman and iron man save us. this is a very possible stuff. but a good reason, why we shouldn't go for it, is that u'll never know who gets the gadgets first, the good guys or the bad guys. what if the bad guys get it first.. we are doomed rite.

So do i conclude that there's no hope of saving the world? well.. not quite.. i still have a point.

Do we really need supernatural powers and weapons to save the world.. well i would say a big NO!!!..

everyone of us is a superhero,what job does a superhero do.. save the world rite..
what if we can save the world in our little way possible. how do we do it. first, we have to get rid of the selfish attitude,care for even your worst enemy, no vengeance for whatever they might have done for you. help the needy and give assistance for those who deserve it. be non violent as much as possible. most of all LOVE ALL.. HATE NONE !!! P.S. care for the environment and our fellow residents of the planet a.k.a organisms other than humans.

does the above things work? well.. it cant work at once. every single person should adopt these things and do the best he/she can do around them. this small change by every single person would in turn result in a larger change. just like the saying " small drops make a big ocean".
if we all could change, may be not all together, but gradually, in slow pace at least. so that even if the world is in terminal danger. we can prolong the consequences and make the world a better place for our future generations to expect for...

The SUPER HERO in each of you is definitely needed !!

NOTE : a fun thing to do... visit the interesting site i found online and find out which superhero you might be.. at ( P.S.i found this from Google search)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Crazy Desire.. (wild too!!!)

Desire : to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request

Crazy : senseless; impractical; totally unsound.

the above two definitions clearly state about what i am going to post about now.
but it doesn't refrain me from trying for it, since this desire is something important to my future.
what that desire is.. well.. its about my future life partner a.k.a. Wife.

well, what can be so crazy thinking about your future wife. everyone has a desire about their life partner, whats going to be different in my case.

well, the whole desire can be summarized with the word "difference".

OK, let me explain it.
i want a girl who's totally opposite and different than me in every aspect. which means she has to be different in the following :

food habits
zodiac sign.
horoscope matches ( if i am gonna look for those!!)
Profession ( it actually doesn't matter as long as she's economically independent)

the list might be even bigger, but i am not including country, since i prefer Indian for that matter, because i am not jumping countries :) . but i guess, this itself would seem crazy for some of you. but still, a perfect match with all this aspects, PRICELESS. because i have my reasons for it. the reasons are perfectly logical and meaningful.

so i didn't tell any information about me rite.. well am 22 yrs, christian, Tamil speaking, non vegetarian, Aquarian from Chennai, Tamil nadu. i am pretty broad minded and humorous. versatile and can easily learn and adapt to new situations, smart and good looking too ( my photo is by the side in profile) and am into field of biotechnology (currently in masters).

i still have some 3 years before i actually think of getting married, but i have to start searching now to get someone very special rite. so only i ve started my search thro my blog so it reaches the whole wide world.

so GIRLS who are reading my blog, if you are interested. leave your comments below or send a mail to me.
and Guys , if u know any girls who might be good in those aspects. refer them to my blog.

thank you. comments accepted..

Monday, July 14, 2008

FUN da "men" tal THEORIES !!

Hi folks,

this is an interesting content i wished i had written a long time back. Its one of my specialities, but still didn't think of writing it until one of my friends told me to..

I am good at making up theories about things around me, just for fun and humour, but sometimes these theories turn out to be real facts. so people started liking this stuff and i created many theories.

so, i thought of sharing some of these fun stuff with the world, so here it goes...

CAUTION or DISCLAIMER (whatever!!)

the following statements are purely coincidental and may or may not be true. so people dont go and file case against me in case u find it in anyway hurts you, especially females.
i apologize prior, in case anything bad gets written !!

and it applies to Guys, men, boys etc.. ONLY !!


"Most Girls above the age of 21 are committed or worse married"

this is my most proved theory so far,it was created by me seeing plight of all my single friends
( males only!!) including me !! and i also did some research on it and it seems almost true worldwide.
but there are exceptions, which fall into 2 categories,

girls above 21, who are not committed are either

A. can never be committed or B. those who don't want to get committed.

as far as Case A goes. its bit sensitive. since am talking about the ones based on appearance and bad character. this case is purely a male brain work. females forgive me !!

but for case B, guys you cant help it. those girls are some tough nut to crack. they just wont fall in love easily, and you would have to be really true and confident in your love to get them reciprocate it, in case they do. your worth it man !!

so all single guys out there, am sorry to say this, but most girls are already taken , and this 21 is just a figurative age since 21 is adulthood. but nowadays things are changing and may be the age might lower down to 18 or even 15 !!

Anyways, All the Best.. all single males out there (unless you're gay!) Go get your girl !

P.S. Here's a good tip, try out to see if this theory is true or not. just look around the girls you know and count the girls who aren't committed. it should be less.


" Girls seldom accept the fact that they are committed"

OK.. this is another almost true theory, a popular one too.

In my above theory i had said most girls are committed. but do most girls accept it. NO.. they surely wont, unless you know her boyfriend also. this is something weird. coz, girls are supposed to be conservative on the relationship aspect. but during my small research i did regarding this theory, i found that none of the girls accepted that they were committed.

the Reasons given by them for the above fact

1. they aren't sure where the relation is going, so being precautious.
2. unnecessary information to be told out. (weird, wouldn't it prevent guys from falling for them uselessly )
3. for sake of attention, coz a committed girl may be avoided by guys as another guy's property.
4. some girls think unless they are sure that they would get married with the guy its not commitment, so they pretend to be single, being in a relation !!

i am sure all the girls wouldn't accept the above theory, but they would definitely do the same when it comes to practical situations !!

so beware guys, make sure the girl isn't committed before you fall for her !!

P.S. check out this too.. try asking girls you know about their relation status, ( but don't act stupid , asking the girls whose relation status is already known to you !)


Monday, June 30, 2008

Review 2 !!


HINDI : jaane tu jaane na..

i actually made up this section, just to tell about this one song in this movie. "kabhi kabhi aditi".. this song has got so much into my head that i have become addicted to this song. I listen to this song at least 10-15 times a day.. that's how much my addiction is.. so i needn't tell how good this song must be.. must must listen song !!!

overall, all the songs are really good. y wouldn't it be.. its A.R.Rehman's music people. the songs have a young feel to it and definitely a good play at any occasion, esp. "pappu can't dance" is a good dance number and would work out really well in clubs n dics. "tu boleh main bolehun" is a good jazz number sung by ARR himself. its a good romantic song for a dinner or lounge mood.

TAMIL : Dhaam Dhoom

this movie's music album has very good songs thanks to Harris jeyaraj. as always, his songs are pretty good to listen to. the song i liked most is "anbe en anbe".. it has good lyrics and melodious music which makes this song good in the first listen itself, and as usual Bombay jeyashree's "yaaro manathile" is a romantic number with good lyrics and a pop music. Harris has tried his style of a Justin timberlake with "pudhu pudhu". the song is quite good, and the new male voice has worked well for the song. the song "Azhiyile" sounds more like ARR's "kayil midhakum katra nee" from ratchagan. but overall, this song is a good one to listen at all times.

Review !!!

Its the time in my life, am playing the Critic Role. the issue am gonna Review or in a way Critic about is the most common thing for criticism.. movies.

but i have included a few extra things on to the Review list.. Read on !!


English : WALL-E

This is one of the best animation movies ever done by disney and pixar. I went to this movie expecting it to be a childs play. but it turned out to be a very good entertainer. its basically a Romantic story between two Robots, sounds funny rite. but its really good, the way movie goes.. the really different thing i noticed about this movie is that there's hardly any dialogues in the movie. which is quite unusual in disney movies, where u get to see rats and dinosaurs talking and dancing. but there's a one word dialogue the WAll E character says often.. i found it quite funny and cool.

i would recommend it. its a must watch movie.

TAMIL : Dasavatharam

a much hyped movie and a wait of almost 2 years for this mega movie of ten roles by kamal haasan, turned out the same way all hyped movies do in recent times. doesn't fulfill the so called high expectations. but as all reviews have said, Kamal haasan is the best part of the movie, his ten roles are so good, that some characters feels like it was another person, like the CBI officer, and kalifullah. but certain characters seemed just fake as possible.. Fletcher and shengan..
the story is a good one but the way screenplay was made isn't so powerful, but the climax tsunami scene was so magnificent, it was a great reconstruction of how the 2004 disaster would have been in reality, another defect was with music and BGM, it was so ordinary, kamal shouldn't have experimented on this part, he should have either chosen his favorite Ilayaraja or else A.R.rehman.

i personally felt, kamal could have tried these ten roles with a full comedy movie like his past venture "Micheal madana Kama rajan" which is one of my all time favorite comedy movies !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Intermission !!!

its kinda like the intermission you get while watching movies. this also is like an intermission to my blogs. its right now full of real life experiences.. !! in order for you ppl to not get bored.. am adding some masala to my blog now. masala in sense, not item numbers. but like commercials in a movie hall during intermission time. i am going to write some interesting things i thought about and also some takes on facts of life, we all forget to look upon to.. !!..

hope u guys have a good time reading thro my blogs !!

Chibi Vijayan..

comments can also be mailed @

The Trip to an Exotic Location on Earth - NIAGARA FALLS !

Niagara falls !! i know everyone would have known about this beautiful place, which is located in the united states. I also had seen Niagara falls as a poster in my parent's wedding album years ago, but later, when i was flying to US.. i got a glimpse of this majestic piece of art by nature from 30,000 feet high from the flight. how it looked from up there ?? well, it was just like how u view Niagara through Google maps !
i decided then that my first touring in US should be to Niagara falls, and as luck would have it. I actually got to visit this place after just 5 months in USA. It was quite a wait for the visit to Niagara, but it was a worthwhile trip. i had visited it with my UConn friends about 15 of them, we went on road in 4 cars, rented of course !! 2 Camry's, a mustang GT and a new Mazda SUV.

It was 24Th may, Saturday, when we started off to Niagara, it was quite a long trip on the way there coz we had lost track of the route, couple of times and had to catch up with the actual route later and it took up some of our time and we did reach there in 7 hours. the same day itself, we went to the falls to see its view in the night. i don't know how well to explain the looks of the falls, not getting the right words to put in, but it was so enormous and water was running so fast towards the cliff and falling off it. if any person thinks of committing suicide there, the sight of the falls itself is enough for him to change his mind. coz its so scary that u wouldn't even wanna try doing that in your dreams. well, coming back to topic, the night view of the falls is quite spooky, with the water so clear white n making so much noise, makes u feel so. the falls has a color flash lights focused on it from the opposite side I.E. from Canada. it looks as if the water changes color while falling down.

the night view of falls extended for a long time since we were engrossed in taking pictures and also walking to three view points to the falls. it was about 1 am at night when we drove back to our hotel. the next morning, as usual after all IST. we reached the falls again by 12 noon to go to the special ride to the falls maid of mist and cave of the winds. when we reached the place only we realised one odd thing, there were so many Indians there. it felt like Niagara is in India. so many Indians that we outnumbered the Americans there and they looked minority, and then as usual a long crowd ( this was really long as far as 1 mile !!!) we had some good people standing in line for the whole gang and all others went sight seeing. once when the time arrived, we got our blue rain coats and boarded a ferry...

MAID of the MIST...

a special subheading coz this ride was one of the awesome experiences there. this is a ferry ride, which takes u rite inside the horse shoe falls of Niagara, it actually takes u to middle of the U.. amazing view, it was all raining mist on us and completely drenching us even though we were in rain coats. the view was breath taking, that when i imagine it now also, i feel the same. and again, no proper words coming up to explain it literally. it was one of the best moments my eyes could see and the brain could register. it was such a sight.

CAVE of the WINDS...

when i was thinking that the ferry was an amazing experience, another place said a BIG no no and here what it was.. the cave of the winds.. it was a place which would almost take you right under the American falls. thought of it, was hair raising and actually being there, totally awesome !!! i had the chance to get wet in Niagara falls, it was so so good. the water so fast and so cold, but still you don't want to come out of that place. i stayed there for almost half hour, it was freaking crazy and another breath taking.. naa.. breath stopping moment.. the fun was so unlimited that each member of my tour crew would definitely agree without any thought. the cave of winds proved to be even more and far better than the maid of mist but i would say both are wonderful in their own regards.

we didn't have much time after these 2 place that we couldn't visit few places, but i don't regret it coz if i get a chance to go again to Niagara, i would definitely count in.. it was such a memorable trip . not to mention.. the journey back to CT, was a good one too.. all night the members of my car had a very good time talking that we didn't sleep at all.. the whole way...

this TRIP so far hits the numero uno spot for best travel trips in my life. may be in future any other place might take this place, ill wait n see if that happens !!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Union Street Market !!!

Guess what the title means ??

its not some market in US. its actually the university retail food court, well y am i writing about this place in my blog ? not that i like the food here, but more importantly, this place was my first employer in the university, it was the first place where i actually worked and earned money by self. A place to really remember, since when i came to US in spring 08, i didn't have any assistantship and people here scared me that without assistant ship, you wouldn't be able to survive in US. i got really freaked out and started to search for a campus job, and the first and only good job to be offered was the Union street market (USM). my work at USM was a "dining assistant". the work basically involved working in any of the four food stations at the food counter and serve people with their choice of food. it was quite an easy job and paid me well enough to manage my expenses and save a little. plus, i had a free meal with each shift, so i had a chance to cut down much of my food expenses here only. I had worked a lot during the sem in the USM. got to meet new people, make friends with Americans and other cultural people. still, i have some good friends whom i met at the USM. it was also a place where i got to taste some American and Mexican foods, to say, only thing missing in American food is spice. other than it, its a good food. the USM work made me learn many things and experience newer things which i would have never had even known if i had been in India.

it was a privilege working in the Union street market and would remain one of my memorable experiences in USA. i am not sure if i would go back and work there again in following semesters. but if i have to work outside dept, my first choice would definitely be USM for sure...!!

HOLI 2008!!!!

It was way back in march, when we had this holi celebration in my university, this holi celebration was special since, it was my first actual meeting of many indian students in my university. before this day, i never knew that these many indians were there in my university. we had it as a 2 day event, on sat, we had a formal holi nite function, which had some cultural events followed by dinner, next day, I.E. on sunday, was the fun part coz we played with colors on that day, it was one of the most funfilled moments i had till now, it was really good coz we started off as a small group of people and then gathered people going around the entire place, getting into all homes, bringing people out and coloring them entirely, as we went from one house to another, the holi gang became bigger and finally had around 30 people. later, after all the color play for some 2 hours. we had got indoors and few from that big group stayed back in a home, which was initially for a tea session, but later went on to play some games and there was formed our late night gang and with this gang i had some good times here.

when i first came to US, i thought my social nature would go down, since not many people were so very interested in fun. but these gang people proved it wrong, i did have social activities, and hopefully in future, i'd contribute more fun to the group.. !!

Friday late nights...

The title might suggest quite a bit about what am going to write about. yes, its Friday night fun, but y late night ? well, that's coz its a series of events by the that name in my university, every Friday. its from night 9 pm to 1 am. it has good events which are themed with some topic every time, its basically a good hangout with your friends, participate in games, do Ur own gifts, take photos with some theme background.. etc... its almost like the fun carnival we used to have back in India. except for there are no rides here. i had some good experiences and quite a lot of souvenirs from these late night events. as the sem progressed, i had a Friday late night gang, we used to meet up at the student union, where the late night takes place and then have a good time in that place and head back home. it used to be fun as we usually would stay till 12 or 1am in the morning. i had to mention this late night event as a memorable experience in US coz i liked it so much as a source of outing here, since there's no good place you can actually visit nearby...
these events eventually will continue even in the following semesters and am sure I'd be going to it every Friday...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

from my first day in this country, i had loads of new experiences, Met new people and been to new places.. there's lots and lots of things to pen down, since i would have to do it for past 6 months of time i'd been here in US. i would like to cut it short and tell you all only the very important and probably my best experiences in the US.

so it will take me sometime to decide on which ones would be the best to go on a blog and pen it down in my page.

so do expect a good one very recently.

till then.... ciao...

flying to USA - 2

ok.. long time since i wanted to post the next part.. but didnt find time.. anyway.. better late than never..

ok.. the take off of the aeroplane itself was a freaky experience, since it was my first time on a plane and i was nervous about what would possibly go on in it, also it was making me awkward cause i technically found out that i was sitting rite above the wheels.. i kinda started imagining things like it happens in a bus !! but nothing happened as i suspected.. rather the plane took a graceful lift into the air and reached into the skies.

i was lucky enough to get a seat near the window, i looked down on the chennai city, which was glowing with electric lights in the night. it was such a wonderful sight, i hate the fact, that i didnt even have a mobile cam to take a pic of it. for the first half hour, i was trying to recognize the places in city, and felt a odd feeling that i am gonna miss this beautiful place for a long time.

In flight, i had a series of foods and drinks provided by the airhostesses. then, it started getting boring for me, so i started listening to music, watching movies, playing games and most part sleeping as much as i can. occasionally talking to the guy sitting near me. It was quite a long flight about 9 hrs to brussels. by landing at brussels, i felt proud that i have stepped foot in europe also..

then, nothing much happened in the transit than me calling home to tell about my location. then, i had to wait for about 2 hrs to get on to my next flight, this time the flight experience wasn't so exciting since, already i had got used to this. so next flight, for 8 hrs, i slept for almost 7 hrs and rest 1 hr in having food. thats it, i had reached american continent by that time. one memorable thing about this flight is that, i got to see an aerial view of the Niagara falls. it was such a beautiful sight, seemed just like looking at the falls in google maps !!

then, the newark liberty airport, it was my port of entry into the USA. this was a huge airport. it was very good, i liked it a lot. then, to make the long story short, i got my passport sealed with the I 94 card and officially entered into the united states.Then, i got on another plane to reach hartford, connecticut. where i was picked up by a indian student from my university. then i reached my university in the evening about 4 pm, met my roommates and finally got settled down in the US to start off with my studies here.

the end

Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying to USA - 1

this is my first ever blog.. so i am gonna tell you people about my experiences while coming to the united states of America. it was such a special occasion, since this was the first time i am ever going out to another place, leaving my family, friends, home, city, country. also, it happened to be the first time i am travelling alone for long distance and that too on a aeroplane . it was the best moment i could ever experience till now, so many first time's involved in one incident. to list it all,
first time to live outside, go abroad, to fly on a plane, first person from family to go to USA, first time to Europe (since i had a transit in Brussels), first time spending so much money, first time to get a visa, first time to experience which i could never even imagine it happening.

dats enough for first times.. let me describe my experience on the day of my departure from Chennai. January 9, 2008. it was also my dad's 50Th birthday, he had successfully completed his half century. till that day, i never realised anything different about going to some new place away from everything i am familiar and to another place which is totally different and new to me.

that day from morning, i started to have chills about this whole idea of getting on a plane and travelling to another continent. all my relatives from the city and other places had come to my home to give me a send off. they were quite many, it was the first time i felt so important in my family, doing something special. i had made my parents proud...

my flight was at 1 am.. so that's technically next day morning. at night about 10 pm when we were about to leave home for airport, i went to restroom, there i got my moment alone and it felt so hard that i cried for first time about the fact that i was actually going to leave these people and be alone. it gave me such a scare that i thought of stopping this whole trip. but one thing that made me get back to my mind was the parting gift my cousins gave. it was such a surprise, i hadn't realised my cousins are so creative. it was a hand made calendar, which had all our childhood pics and a group photo which we had taken recently, i was so moved by this gift that it made me smile even though inside i was sad. there was this moment, i had never expected to happen, my dad took off his watch and gave it to me asking me to have it. it was special, since i have never seen my dad show any kind of direct affection, even though he loves me a lot. it was simply great, no words.

next stop, AIRPORT.. it was the first time i had come to an airport, i had no idea how it would be, but felt good as if i was going on a trip to moon. all my family about 25 ppl had come to send me off at the airport. i felt like a celebrity surrounded by many people. then, i went alone leaving my family into the checking area after all my family members gave their blessings and wishes to me.

i went through all the formal checking processes, nothing great to describe about it, but the walk to enter the aeroplane, priceless.. it was so good for me, no words to express it. it was as if i was going to reach something which i waited for long. till i reached my seat in the plane, i was in trance, once i got seated, my mind started working again. then what do i do.. check out the air hostess. :) i was in jet airways plane and they had some very good looking air hostesses, at least in my plane, as far as i know. i was lucky that i got a window seat in the plane, and my seat was right behind the wing. so i could see the entire span of the wing and places outside, now that i was settled in the seat, my usual curiosity woke up and started inspecting things around me. the TV screen, books, pillow, people sitting front and behind, even the restroom. :D. so, for a long time, no one occupied the seat next to me, so it started building my curiosity about the person who would come there, i expected a good looking girl who's travelling to my same university, at least the same place. so that i have a good time with her like, in unnale unnale movie. but nothing happened, it was another guy who sat beside me, darn curious imaginations, never come true.

so finally around 1.10 am.. we were asked to wear seat belts, the plane had started to move, its engines started, it look up speed in the runway and whee... as it took off into the air...


a baby starts writing...

hello everyone.. am chibi or chibi vijayan as a whole.. it can be shrunk as CB VJN.

am a master's student in university of connecticut, USA. doing my master's in a professional master's [PSM] program microbial systems analysis.

i would like to express my thoughts and views on the people and world around me.. ill try to make it as interesting as possible.

hope u people have a good time reading my blog.