Sunday, February 8, 2009

Twenty Three facts about ME !!!


its my 23rd Birthday on 9Th of February, 2009. so i thought I'd give myself a gift by writing 23 facts about Me.

so here's it.

1.       I was born on 9Th of February, 1986. This is also the day of perihelion of the Halley’s Comet, which visits the earth once in 76 years.

2.       I am an Aquarian by sun sign, and also Aquarian by moon sign. This is quite weird. Well... I can say am a true Aquarian.

3.       My name CHIBI is quite different and unforgettable. It’s supposed to be the name of a king, who was so generous to give away his flesh to save a dove from a vulture. I also found that in Japanese my name means a “little kid”.

4.       Talking about generosity, I am very generous as that king. I can give away anything of my possession unless I really really want it for myself.

5.       I am a Left hander. This was quite unique till I was in India…

6.       I am born and brought up in the city of Chennai, India and am really proud of it.

7.       I believe in GOD but not religion, according to me, GOD is energy which was given a human form by mankind and since man created religion, I don’t believe in it.

8.       I am a very creative person, who thinks very much out of the box that I forget to look into what’s inside it.

9.       I am a social person. I like to make friends and in fact I have friends all around the world in all kinds of ethnicity, but it’s more of quantity than quality, that’s not good.

10.   I am a complete Non – Vegetarian and am open to exploring new types of food as long as it’s edible.

11.   I love music. I have an ear for any type of music of any genre. I even like listening to songs from other languages which I don’t know, when the music is good.

12.   I know 3 languages fluently and 5 other Indian languages which I can understand, but cannot speak and I am also trying to learn few international languages.

13.   I am a big time coffee addict. I can drink coffee at any given point of the day and caffeine doesn’t have any effect on me. Coz I can even sleep after drinking coffee.

14.   I have a problem of answering back to anything and everything asked to me, it’s become a part of my reflex and I hate it.

15.   I love writing. I write short stories ( and Blogs (

16.   I like photography and photo manipulation. So, I take photos of anything and everything I find interesting.

17.   I love to travel and adventure. I have visited almost every tourist place in India.  Although I have been in US for a year, haven’t been able to travel much.

18.   I am like watching movies and I watched 650+ movies in 6 languages over a period of 4 months from June to Sept 2007.

19.   I am very good at spontaneous poetry but mostly never write it down, so many of my good ones were lost with the words.

20.   I used to be a big time flirt but somehow I’ve lost it in past 2 years. Don’t know what happened to me. But I am still supposed to be very romantic.

21.   I did my under graduation in Industrial Biotechnology and now master’s in microbiology. But still in confusion if I did the right choice.

22.   I actually have a very big dream of starting my own business by 25 and a billionaire by 30. I know it’s a very huge task in short time. Let’s see.

23.   Coming to the end… I am 23 years old… should I be worrying about it?

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